Your Busyness, My Business

PA for A day

With her broad and extensive experience working in the for-profit and non-profit sectors both nationally and internationally, she is always ready to take action when given the go-ahead!

Janine is versatile, having been active in a variety of areas from standard secretarial work to the more specialized work in the fields of marketing, communications, public relations, human resources, project management and event planning. Janine can help you realize your plan!

PA for A Day is also designed for managers who have lost the overview and allows them to get themselves organized again.

Janine “I got this” Peeters comes in for A day and gets you back on track.

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PA on Demand

PA on Demand is designed for managers who need a PA occasionally. This pre-paid package allows you deploy your PA whenever you are in - desperate - need of assistance.

“I find ultimate pleasure in being your wingman. I love supporting leaders of industry to get things done with eye for detail and more. Let me solve your problems before they arise. Your busyness, My business!”

Janine “I got this” Peeters is your sparring partner who guarantees the highest level of service. A perfect assistant who not only handles the daily routines well, but also thinks ahead and anticipates your needs

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Custom Projects

"Do you have an event coming up?"

You thrive when throwing an unforgettable event for your clients, family or employees. I thrive when I plan your event from A-Z, contact sponsors, send out invitations and manage the PR of the event. Let me help you organize the event that people will talk about for years.

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"Do you need a PA for a predefined period?"

Janine “I got this” Peeters has all the expertise needed to temporarily replace your Office Manager, Project Manager, Secretary or Personal Assistant. With extensive knowledge and experience, excellent training and a permanent no-nonsense attitude, PA Dynamics is able to offer quick, structural, pre-emptive solutions to problems before they arise.

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Mentoring young PA professionals

Need an experienced office manager to take the lead over several team assistants? Would you like to offer your team assistants personal and professional growth? In my NUMBER years of experience as a management assistant, office manager and personal assistant clients have always mentioned the Janine “I got this” Peeters method as extremely valuable. Having an experienced mentor is priceless. Let me be the experienced mentor for your team assistants.

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